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Community Outreach

At Newton we believe in "paying it forward". Learn more about the Newton Foundation.


The Newton Foundation provides assistance to deserving students.

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The Newton Services Foundation

Newton Services values the strong need for education in the constantly changing job market as well as the difficulty many face in affording that education in today’s economic environment. Therefore, we work to do the following:

Give back to the community with scholarships, housing assistance, transportation, and free education.

Work with non-profits to support families with the desire to learn job market skills.

Strive to be a staffing agency that is an extension of our clients' HR departments that results in great services for both employers and employees.

Core Values


Taking responsibility for our actions and the consequences it has on our company, customers, and employees. Engage in discussion and commit to decisions once they are made. Do what we commit to, when we commit to it. Take ownership of your job, your role and safety!


Be real in your actions and with everyone you encounter. Lead by example and do the right thing every time. Be honest, fair, kind and understanding in all your interactions.. Integrity isn’t only applicable when we as individuals or the company gain profit.


Always acting in the best interest of the group as a “whole”, meaning the entire company, not just your branch, your team, your position. Each position plays a vital role to the customer experience. Always working towards the shared vision of the company. We are ONE TEAM and our actions should reflect this.


Embrace diversity and celebrate the value in yourself and in others. Accept the differences of your coworkers and respect what you know and what you don’t know about their daily activities. Respect lets you appreciate the best in others.


Taking all appropriate measures to make sure that our employees are working in an environment that is safe for them. Expecting behaviors that ensure an injury free work place. Providing the training, knowledge and tools to ensure our employees and clients understand how to work in and provide a safe work environment.

“Changing lives one person at a time”

You can't compare pricing, you have to compare value. On that, Newton Services could charge double and still be worth their salt. Ron and his team will make your business their business and put themselves to work focusing their network and resources around crafting solutions to your needs. As a long-time associate and observer of Ron and his team, I came to them when founding a new company and availed myself of a suite of their services. I could not have made a better choice. They will save you multiple dollars and hours of time for every dollar you invest in the relationship.

Ethan DeSota, CIO

Newton considered my skills and career opportunities and matched those to their customer needs- they did a great job!

Sean Hebert
Auburn Hills, MI

Newton Services is a wonderful staffing service. All the personnel is friendly & willing to satisfy their customers. Michelle Limon, Corsair Engineering's representative, is pleasant and hard working. She will go to all lengths to find qualified employees in a very timely manner. If you are looking for a great staffing service, give Newton Services a call. You'll be more than satisfied.

Linda M. Walters
Corsair Engineering, Inc.