The stress and anticipation involved with interviewing pays off when you receive a placement offer. The next step involves preparing for your new job placement. Newtown International wants you to understand the expectations we have regarding how employees we place should act and represent us at their new place of employ. 

Act professionally at all times – Be friendly, but not overly friendly. Communicate with your supervisor and coworkers, but don’t overshare details of your personal life.

Dress for success - Adhere to the organization’s dress code and maintain a tidy, professional appearance.

Be on time – Ensure you follow the work schedule as directed by your onsite supervisor. This includes lunches and any breaks.  Call our office immediately when you know you are going to be late or unable to make it to work.

Never work while impaired –Stay home if you are sick or injured. Using alcohol and/or illegal drugs on the job is grounds for immediate termination.  

Follow Internet, email, and computer use policies – If your supervisor allows you to use the organization’s computers, networks, and internet access while on the job then you must not abuse this privilege. Understand what the organization deems to be acceptable usage and stay within those guidelines. 

Be responsible and do your best – Always show reliability and integrity when you work. Approach each task with a sense of ownership. Take pride in your work and your position. Focus on your required tasks, but support your new coworkers by lending a hand when necessary.  

Complete assigned tasks – Act quickly and efficiently to ensure you are completing tasks on time. Ask questions when you need clarification. Take notes after asking questions so you only have to ask once.

Accept advice and critique with grace – Your supervisor expects assignments to be done to specification and on time.  Prepare to accept any criticism of your work as positive and do not take it personally.

Respect your supervisor and coworkers – Listen carefully to your supervisor so you understand your assignments. Your new coworkers expect you to actively contribute and be a team player. Never involve yourself in office gossip or other negative remarks.

Be honest – Tell your supervisor right away when you are unable to complete a task on time. Communicate openly with your supervisor and with us if the job turns out to be a poor fit, no matter the reason. Honesty is always the best policy.