Our clients trust us to locate individuals they want to hire, not just interview.

Newton Services is your human resource connection to the complete source for workforce solutions. 

Recruiters working for Newton Services locate, research and present strong candidates for any positions our clients are looking to fill. These candidates have gone through our comprehensive vetting process, undergone drug testing, have been made aware of our expectations and have been matched to the open positions with our proprietary applicant tracking software. 

As a human resources solutions agency, some of the services we provide are:
  • Contract employees.
    • There is no definite end to the assignment. We remain the employer of record for the duration of the assignment.
  • Direct Hire employment program. We call it NS Direct.
    • Newton Services doesn't “do direct hires”, we have a direct hire program that provides qualified candidates client review. Once our client interviews and approves one of our candidates, the candidate is then available to the client to add to their team directly. 
  • Risk management and safety consulting.
    • Through our safety officer, we are able to assist clients with safety regulation compliance and OSHA guidelines. 

Some of the position types for which we recruit include:

  • entry level
  • mechanical trade
  • skilled
  • engineering
  • manager or supervisor
  • many versions of engineering disciplines
  • executive recruiting
  • information technology
  • financial services
  • non-clinical medical positions
  • administrative and clerical positions
  • and many more

We provide a FREE consultation for all of our products and services to determine which best fits your business. Call us TODAY at 888.865.8267 or email corporate@nisshr.com and speak to one of our dedicated business development professionals.