Are you looking for a regular, full-time employee, but don’t have the time or resources to wade through countless applications and resumes, or to test the skills of applicants? Before you make a hiring decision, you want to be sure you have found the right person. If you need to direct-hire a communications professional, Newton Services Family of Companies can help with our pre employment screening services and help you recruit the right person.

Here’s How It Works

You can contact a Newton Services resource manager by phone, fax, email, or use our online form to place your request. If you do not call in your request, a resource manager will contact you within 24 hours to obtain any additional details necessary to help fill the position.

Once your request is processed, your staffing specialist will provide you with the flat-fee range that you can expect to pay to fill the position. That flat-fee is based on the candidate’s first-year salary; since the salary may vary depending on the experience of the candidate, the quote is a range (not an exact amount).

If you accept the range quote, you will sign an agreement containing (a) a description of the position to be filled, (b) the flat-fee quote range, and (c) the start date of the assignment. By signing the agreement, you are NOT obligated to hire a Newton Services candidate, nor are you restricted from advertising the position elsewhere.

Once the agreement is on file, your resource manager works to fill the order. You will receive regular status updates.

As suitable candidates are found you will receive resumes via fax or e-mail. All resumes you receive will be from applicants who have gone through our rigorous screening and skills testing process.

Once you have reviewed the resumes and found one or more acceptable applicants, we will schedule an in-person interview with the applicant(s) and your representative(s). If necessary, a follow-up interview can be scheduled.

Following the interview, you may choose to extend an offer to the applicant. The offer includes the proposed salary (within the quote range previously agreed upon). If you are not satisfied with the candidates interviewed, you are under no obligation to hire.

If the selected candidate accepts your offer, he or she becomes your employee. After paying the one-time flat fee to Newton Services you are under no further obligation and you will pay no further fees Newton Services.